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Speaker: Mr.Robin Low

Senior Advisor to the Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development Zone Management Committee.

Mr. Robin Low is an experienced serial technopreneur and industry veteran holding various senior management positions in electronics contract manufacturing, component distribution, biotechnology, eco-city development and solar energy.

His domain expertise are in corporate management, international sales and marketing, emerging business deal development, early stage discovery of innovative technologies including commercialization. Since 1982, he had established a global network of excellent business connections. He was the principal investigator for the research and development of Concentrator Photovoltaic Solar panel, wireless-speakers, and MP3 sanitary wares (INAX Japan), disruptive antimicrobial for veterinary medicine.

Currently he serves on the Panel of the Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme (TECS) of Spring Singapore. In addition he also served as a Council Member of the Singapore-Zhejiang Economic and Trade Council promoting direct investments between Singapore and Zhejiang.

Beginning from 2009, Mr. Low has pioneered the master-planning concept and development of eco-township idea in China. Consequently he co-founded an iconic investment of US$300 million joint-venture in Hangzhou for an ideal eco- friendly low carbon emission integrated science park dedicated towards high value, knowledge-base industry to be completed by 2016. From 1996 onwards, he mentored and invested in various companies that specialize in solar, electronics component distribution, animal health, veterinary education, new bio-technology products such as antibiotics for therapeutic use, mycotoxin binders and micro- algae. In respect to his many years of active business participation in China, he has built up an extensive network of excellent contacts and established good working relationship with the government, universities, research institutes, and many various private sectors.

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